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Concentric Strander

Smartly designed, the concentric strander is generally employed for compacting round or sector-shaped copper or aluminium conductor. It is also an ideal tool for the production of overhead conductor. Furthermore, the conductor stranding machine can be used for shield cable and armour cable.

1. The two spools of the concentric strander can work independently. Controlled by two separate flyers, the two spools support synchronous pay-off and rewinding. Since the rewinding speed is faster than stranding speed, the long production cycle makes the concentric stranding equipment particularly suitable for large-scale production.
2. In addition to independent operation, the two spools of the concentric strander also support joint operation, because the head of the flyers can rotate at 360° and can be fixed for pay-off. The perfect cooperation between the two spools enables short downtime and improves the production capacity, greatly.

Model Max. Rotation Speed (rpm) Single Wire Dia. (mm) Max. Line Speed (m/min) Loading Capacity
JGT 100 560 1.5-5.0 196 100

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