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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

The plastic pipe extrusion machine is featured by compact appearance, high output, and higher cost performance.

Competitive Advantages
Designed on the basis of the European technology, the extruder enjoys the advantages including compact appearance, high extrusion amount, good plasticizing effect, fast extruding speed, and so forth.

1. We have referred to the European technology for independently developing this plastic pipe extrusion machine of simple, compact structure. The extruding machine has a powerful inner grooved sleeve for water cooling and blanking, rationally designed screw structure. It is a high-efficient single screw extruder.

2. Extruding Die
a. The materials pass through the spiral distributor in an optimal way.
b. Pressure loss and melt temperature are low.
c. Good melt distribution
d. Wide processing window

3. The sizing cover has the water ring strong cooling structure, for which the water amount adjustment is more convenient. This plastic pipe extrusion machine is suitable for the high speed pipe production.

4. Vacuum Spray Cooling Box
a. Compact appearance
b. Mechanical water charging system
c. Mechanical water temperature control system is reliable and durable without blocking.
d. Convenient adjustment function, because of which the mold can be easily aligned.

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