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S-Z Copper Wire Screening Machine

This screening equipment is designed for screening copper wire and copper tape.

1. Draw drum of the S-Z copper wire screening machine is of axial cantilever structure, or is the one that needs to be placed onto the ground when using.
2. Its screening head is controlled by a servo motor, so that the requirements of positive and negative pitches can be satisfied.
3. S-Z screening head can slide forward or backward, and can be matched with specially designed half-tangency taping unit for taping positive and negative screened wire immediately and avoiding loosen wire.
4. The rotation speed of S-Z stranding head reaches 150 rpm. The copper wire screening machine works speedily.

Sales Performance
This cable machinery has been exported to Turkey.

Bobbin Size (mm) No. of Bobbin Max. Rotation Speed of Stranding Body (rpm) Tape Pad Dia. (mm) Tape Width (mm) Max. Rotation Speed of Screening Head (mm)
500 80 150 400 10-40 350
630 80 150 400 10-40 350
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