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Equipment: 760/8+16 OPGW Wire Stranding Machine

Client Name: Brazil Furukawa Indusutorial S.A. Produtos Eletricos

Delivery: July, 2012

Operation Time: December, 2012

The client mainly uses the equipment to make optical power ground wire. He requires that the tensile force for unreeling aluminum clad steel wire should be constant and adjustable. The tensile force range is required to be from 7kg to 40kg, and the precision is controlled to be ±2.0kg. According to the client’s requirement, the 8B twister should have the rotation speed of 60rpm, and the 16B twister is required to have the rotation speed of 52rpm. The whole equipment should be precisely, stably controlled by the electric.

According to the requirement described in the contract, we have made the following improvements:
1. A motor used to control the tension is added to the pay-off rack of the twister. The New Power DC motor imported from America is used to adjust the tensile force.
2. To enhance the stability and reliability of the whole equipment, main shaft of the twister is processed from theΦ402*50 seamless steel tube. The welded bobbin loader is integrally annealed for distressing. In addition, the parts after assembled are treated with the static balance testing.
3. For achieving the precise control requirements, both the bobbin loader and twister are controlled by one controller. For that reason, the controller stability and reliability are thereby enhanced. Siemens power rail booster is used to reduce the slip ring interference. Transmission speed of tension sensor is 500kb/s, and the transmission speed of other components is still 1.5mb/s.
4. Finite element analysis is utilized for the design equipment design. Submerged-arc welding and ultrasonic testing are applied for welding for the winch and cradle rack.

The equipment was debugged and formally put into use in December, 2012. Since it completely meets the clients’ requirement and operates well, it is highly praised by the users.