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Our Company is one of the drafters of 2 national standards and 24 industrial standards. We have acquired 21 authorized patents, among which 7 are invention patents.

No. Type of Patent Patent Name Patent No.
1 Invention Stainless Steel Cladding Carbon Steel Double Metal Composite Wire and Its Production Method ZL 00 1 36044.2
2 Invention Continuous Casting Machine ZL 2009 1 0116756.1
3 Invention Die of Extrusion Machine ZL 2009 1 0144065.2
4 Invention Casting Unit of Continuous Casting Machine ZL 2009 1 0116758.0
5 Invention Irregular Wire Tilter ZL 2008 1 0155571.7
6 Invention Conforming Machine ZL 2009 1 0144064.8
7 Invention Concentrate Rotary Pay-off ZL201010533544.6
8 Utility model Drum Twister with Caterpillar Driven by Individual Motor ZL 02 258278.9
9 Utility model Drum Twister with Caterpillar ZL 2004 20024464.8
10 Utility model Rotary Take-up of Laying-up Machine ZL 2004 20024471.8
11 Utility model Cage of Rigid Frame Strander ZL 2004 20026936.3
12 Utility model Centrifugal Type Separating Filter for Drawing Emulsion ZL 2006 20076144.6
13 Utility model Stranding Unit for Irregular Wire Forming ZL 2006 20076145.0
14 Utility model Side-bottom Loading Unit ZL 2007 2 0039247.X
15 Utility model Screw Bar Installation Device ZL 2008 2 0107596.5
16 Utility model Mould Core ZL 201020182237.3
17 Layout design Mould Core (1) ZL 201030159024.4
18 Layout design Mould Core (2) ZL 201030159021.0
19 Utility model Concentrate Rotary Pay-off ZL 201020594307.6
20 Utility model Irregular Metal Tape Interlock Armoring Machine ZL 201120159425.9
21 Utility model Tubular stander with Bow ZL201220020824.1

In 2012, LJL350×2 Aluminum Continuous Conforming Machine was recognized as the National Key New Product.

"New and High Technology Enterprise"---- Science and Technology Office in Anhui Province
"Province Grade Enterprise Technology Center"---- Economic Committee in Anhui Province
"Information-based Demonstration Enterprise"---- Science and Technology Office in Anhui Province
"Competitive Enterprise in China Electric Equipment Industry"----China Electrical Equipment Industry Association

CE Certified Products Including:
1. JCL-630 Steel Wire Armoring Machine
2. 630 Rewinding Machine
3. 4-pad High Speed Non-metal Taping Machine
4. JLK-630 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine
5. JL-500 Planetary Strander

The following products are recommended as quality reliable products by China Electric Equipment Industry Association.
1. LHD-450/13 Copper Rod Breakdown Machine with Continuous Annealer
2. JLK-630 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine
3. LSAA-450/12 Aluminum Alloy Rod Breakdown Machine
4. JPD-3150 Steel Wire Armoring Drum Twister
5. JL-630 Cradle Type Stranding Machine For OPGW
6. JG-630 Tubular Type Strander

The following products were granted as the State-level New Products.
1. JPD-3150 Drum Twister With Caterpillar
2. JLK-630 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine (1998)
3. LHD 450/13 Sliding Type Rod Breakdown Machine With Continuous Annealer
4. Jl-800/12+24 Planetary Type Stranding Machine
5. EXW-800 Planetary Laying-up Machine
6. JPWS-2500 Drum Twister Without Caterpillar (Digital Control)
7. JSZ Type S-Z Laying-up Machine For Optic Cable
8. GV150/24 Extrusion Line
9. GXQ-65/90-15, GXQ-120-18 Continuous Rubber CV Line