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Quality Management

Quality Assurance Mode
Our quality assurance system is composed of the product design, development, production, installation, and service. This quality management system complies with the ISO9001-2000. During the process of product production and inspection, we have a series of rules with regard to the incoming quality control, process management control, end product quality control, instrument management, and the like. Regular training classed will be offered to the clients for improving the employees’ quality awareness.

Process Control
1. All the raw materials are purchased from the domestic large steel supplier. Those materials are strictly inspected.

2. Both steel casting and iron casting are in the charge of the production department. For high quality castings, we choose the renowned casting manufacturers who have passed the quality system certification in Anhui Province.

3. The outsourcing standard parts are ordered by the suppliers. We apply the national quality pneumatic components, bearings, oil seals, motors, and many others. Upon request, we also can purchase the accessories of international famous brands.

4. All those parts after assembled will be tested by the relevant personnel. Their performance will be monitored via the test run.

5. After the test run, the whole equipment will be inspected by the staff from technical department, production department, quality inspection department, etc. They will mainly check whether the equipment meets the user’s requirement or not. If the equipment conforms to all the specified terms, it will be supplied with a quality certificate.