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Introduction of Turnkey Project

The SMARTER Technology Group is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of cable equipment and construction machinery in mainland China. Years of industry experience allows us to satisfy the individual requirements of each customer. Our global distribution network offers full coverage for more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. We strive to provide high quality products, expert technical support, and considerate after-sales service to clients everywhere. As a mature and responsible enterprise, SMARTER can become your most trustworthy partner.

Product quality has always been a top priority for our company. Strict standards are implemented for processes including design, development, production, installation, and servicing. Rigorous adherence to these standards has allowed us to pass the ISO9001-2000 Quality System certification.

Product design is carried out by a specialized taskforce. Outsourcing and raw materials are provided by trusted suppliers. Key components are manufactured in-house by our production department. Assembled equipment is thoroughly tested by precise instruments and professional electricians. These equipment sets can be connected with functional production lines for additional testing. Machine performance is benchmarked to ensure the quality of all shipped products.

Approved products are countersigned by our department of technology, production, quality assurance, and after-sales service. This process allows us to double check equipment integrity while ensuring that all customer requirements are met. Accompanying accessories are accounted for and the exterior paintjob is streamlined for perfection. All screw openings are meticulously matched against installation prerequisites to ascertain compatibility. At the end of this verification process, the order is signed by a representative and then countersigned by the department of quality assurance. The approved product becomes certified and is cleared for shipping.

Products are professionally packaged by our shipping department and then delivered by an experienced logistics company. International orders are first processed with anti-corrosion treatment and then transported to the nearest port for oversea freighting.

Clients can install SMARTER equipment independently or request the aid of our qualified technicians. Free consultation and calibration is provided after each on-site installation. Operation and maintenance training is available.