Melting Furnace (Holding Furnace)

The launder of melting furnace is protected by the reducing gas. Our holding furnace is also equipped with the online analysis system for carbon monoxide. It is not only explosion proof, but also resistant to tempering and overpressure.

Melting Rate 10~15t/h
Height of Copper Plate Preheating Section 5m
Height of Feeding Section 2m
Height of Flue 9m
Diameter of Furnace Φ1,680mm
Outer Diameter of Furnace Φ2,500mm
Outer Diameter of Flue Φ1,700mm
Length of Combustion Chamber 3m

Vertical Furnace Fan
Power 90KW
Air Pressure 3000mmH2O
Air Volume 6000m3/h
Draught Fan of Heat Preserving Furnace Power 15KW
Wind Pressure 3000mmH2O
Air Volume 519m3/h
Draught Fan Power of Launder 18.5KW
Air Mixing Device 4 sets
Nozzle of Vertical Furnace 14 pieces
Nozzle of Heat Preserving Furnaces 1 piece
Motor Power of Wind Machine 5.5KW
Average Charging Amount of Charger About 2,000kg
Capacity of Heat Preserving Furnaces About 8T
Overall Dimensions of Heat Preserving Furnaces 3.5m×2.8m×3.2m
Structure of Heat Preserving Furnaces Tubular heat preservation furnace rotation
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