Casting Machine

The casting machine called five-wheel type continuous casting equipment, also belongs to the cable making machinery. Its continuously operated, enclosed casting cavity is formed by the copper crystallization wheel, whose dovetail groove part is incompletely surrounded by the steel belt. The steel belt is driven by four guide wheels, and rotates together with the crystallization. One of the guide wheels has a pneumatic and weight balancing mechanism which is beneficial for the steel belt tensioning.

Also, the casting machine has a pinch roller of small diameter that can float to tightly compress the steel belt. The crystallization wheel together with the ingot will be sprayed by the cooling water. Since the nozzle is of metallurgical engineering design, it sprays water fog.

Diameter of Crystallization Wheel Φ1,800 mm
Cross Section of Crystallization Tank 2,348 mm2
Section Shape of Crystallization Tank Trapezoid
Max. Rotation Speed of Crystallization Wheel 1.6 ~ 3.8 r/min
Continuous Ingot Casting Speed 0.15 ~ 0.35 m/s
Motor Power 5.5KW
Length of Steel Belt 15.44 m
Diameter of Belt Wheel Φ700 mm
Cooling Water Pressure for Continuous Casting 0.35-0.7 MPa
Continuous Cooling Water Consumption 100 t/h
Quality of Cooling Water Soft water
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