Rolling Mill

There are 12 sets of rolling equipment that are arranged vertically and horizontally. The rolling mill with two exposed rollers is convenient to maintain. Through the worm gear to drive the rotation of the eccentric bushing, adjustment of the roll center distance can be realized. Inside this roller mill, a spiral bevel gear is applied as the main transmission, which has large bearing capacity and low noise generation.

Main motor power of the rolling mill, after passing through the main speed reduction box, will separately transmitted to the vertically arranged continuous mills and those horizontally placed ones. A meter display is used to show the water supply pressure for the emulsion.

Rolling Form Vertical and horizontal rolling
Number of Rolling Tracks 12 tracks
Hole Shape of Rolling Ellipse → round
Nominal Size of Roller Φ270 mm
Diameter of Main Shaft (Near the large bearing) Φ130 mm
Adjustment Range of Eccentric Bushing 10.8mm
Initial Rolling Speed 0.23m/s
Maximum Finished Rolling Speed 9.6m/s
Production Capacity 13~15t/h
Height of Rolling Centre 1500mm
Total Length of Continuous Rolling Section 8580mm
Main Motor Power 450KW (DC)
Volume of Lubricating Oil Tank 5.0m3
Emulsion Consumption 70t/h
Water Supply Pressure for Emulsion 0.3-0.6MPa
Cooling Water Consumption 50t/h
Cooling Water Supply Pressure 0.2-0.4MPa
Cooling Water Temperature ≤35℃
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