Copper Rod Cooling System

Working Principle of Copper Rod Cooling System
The copper rod continuously, speedily passes through the closed cooling pipe of the cooling reduction device, and then will be constantly, cyclically washed by the alcohol water inside the cooling pipe. The cooling and reduction reaction of the copper rod are finished when the washing is over.

Water inflow bag of this copper rod cooling device, has smaller drifter diameter. Therefore, the alcohol water can be quickly, smoothly supplied. On the contrary, the drifter diameter of the water return bag is much larger, which is convenient for the quick-return flow. Tail end of this water return bag has a compressed air nozzle, for which the copper rod can be blown dry before coiling. Additionally, the copper rod cooling system has a meter to display the alcohol water supply pressure. The cooling device belongs to the cable making equipment.

Length of Cooling Section 16 m
Number of Water Inflow Bag 7pcs
Number of Water Return Bag 8pcs
Number of Air Blowing Bag 3pcs
Tube Inner Diameter of Guide Rod Φ20 mm
Alcohol Water Concentration ~ 5%
Alcohol Water Pressure 0.7MPa
Alcohol Water Consumption 50t/h ~ 80t/h
Outer Cooling Water Consumption 50t/h
Outer Cooling Water Pressure 0.2 - 0.4MPa
Outer Cooling Water Temperature ≤35℃
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