Rod Coiler

When working, the rod coiler rises along with the copper bar. Then it drops vertically after the copper bar has been coiled. This rod coiling device initiatively completes the traction of coiling. It coils the copper rod by rotating the cylinder head. In addition, a pneumatic rod storage device can be placed in the basket replacement clearance, so that the rod coils can be kept in order.

Diameter of Traction Wheel Φ160mm
Coiler Height 5400mm
Power of Traction Motor 7.5KW
Motor Power for Coiling 4KW
Number of Coiling Basket 2 pcs
Rotation Motor Power 2.2KW
Traveling Motor Power 2.2KW
Coiling Method Quincunx coiling
Coiled Copper Rod Weight 1~3t
Copper Rod Coil Size (O.D. × I.D. × H) Φ1800×Φ900×1000mm

Related Names
Rod Coiling Device | Recoiler | Recoiling Machine | Coiling Equipment | Cable Coiling Machine

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