Casting Machine

The continuous casting machine is four-wheel structure casting machinery, the enclosed casting cavity of which is formed by the copper crystallization wheel. Dovetail groove part of the casting cavity is incompletely surrounded by the steel belt. An open groove on the upper part of the crystallization wheel applies the vertical and horizontal casting. When the continuous cast ingot is finishing, no deflection will be found.

The crystallization wheel together with the casting cavity is cooled by the water spray. The inner cooling area is divided into four parts. Outer cooling and two sides cooling are installed on the same stand. You needn’t dismantle the outer side cooling when casting equipment loads or unloads the steel belt. A secondary cooling system is equipped to this casting device. There are 14 water supply pipelines that are individually controlled. Each pipeline has a water pressure display for convenient adjustment. The casting machine has a drying device for getting rid of the water on the steel belt. It also has an oil adding device. The amount of the molten aluminum is manually controlled by the 3-pouring ladle & 3-step floating valve.

Diameter of Crystallization Wheel Φ1650mm
Cross Section of Crystallization Tank 2370mm2
Section Shape of Crystallization Tank Trapezoid
Motor Power 5.5KW(AC)
Length of Steel Belt 9.2m
Diameter of Tape Guide Roller Φ600mm
Cooling Water Pressure 0.35~0.55MPa
Cooling Water Consumption 70t/h
Cooling Tower(Provided by the client) LBCM-100 4KW(AC)
Cooling Pond (Built by the client) 250 ~ 300m3
Recharging Well (2 sets of water return pump is purchased by the client) 20m3 Depth: 4m
Cooling Water Soft water
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