Rolling Mill

Transmission deceleration of the three-roller rolling mill is completed in the same speed reduction box. The transmission ratio is 1: 1.25. The continuous mill has an independent mechanical lubricating system as well as oil filtering and cooling device. Inside the tandem mill frame, both gear and cooling system applies the same emulsion system, preventing the interpenetration of the oil and water.

The main deduction box, frame case, and large bottom board applies the casting pieces, all of which can effectively help absorb the shock and lower the noise. Also, this rolling equipment is available with the frame case and bottom board that are welded from steel plate and have been treated with tempering. The client can choose the proper type rolling mill based on the actual application requirement.

Rolling Form 15 rolling stands; Y three-roll type
Number of Rolling Track 15 tracks
Shape of Rolling Hole Arc triangle g Round
Nominal Size of Roller Φ255mm
Initial Rolling Speed 0.1857m/s
Max. Finishing Rolling Speed 6.025m/s
Production Capacity 4.2t/h
Centre Height of Rolling 1000mm
Total Length of Continuous Rolling Section 6020mm
Motor Power 315KW(DC)
Volume of Lubrication Oil Tank 5.0m3
Emulsion Consumption 70t/h
Water Pressure of Emulsion 0.35 ~ 0.55MPa
Effective Volume of Emulsion Pool 50m3
Cooling Tower (Provided by the Client) LBCM-100 4KW(AC)
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