Rod Coiler

The whole rod coiler rises along with the aluminum rod. After the aluminum rod has been coiled, it drops vertically. There are two rod coiling baskets that work alternately.

Total Height 5600mm
Coiling Method Traction type, laying head, double basket coiling
Power of Back Traction Motor Power 5.5KW(AC) frequency converting control
Power of Reducer Motor 4KW(AC) frequency converting control
Traveling Motor Power 2.2KW(AC)
Diameter of Traction Wheel Φ166mm
Number of Coiling Basket 2pcs
Coiled Copper Rod Weight 1~2t
Aluminum Rod Coil Size (O.D. × I.D. × H) Φ2.2×Φ1.5×1.3m

Related Names
Rod Coiling Device | Rod Coiling Machine | Aluminum Rod Coiling Equipment

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