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LHTT Copper Wire Drawing Machine

A chief use of the copper wire drawing machine is to draw the Φ3.0mm copper rod into Φ0.4 ~ Φ1.2mm copper wire. The continuous annealing can be completed during the drawing.

1. This copper wire drawing machine applies four horizontal rollers, allowing for continuous, horizontal sliding type wire drawing.
2. The machine unit is gear driven. A triangle belt is used to drive the coiling.
3. It stops working when it has drawn the wire of required length. Also, it brakes automatically when the wire is broken.

The copper wire drawer has four wire drawing wheels, all of which are integrated in a four-layer frame. Each layer has one wheel. Those wheels are interchangeable.

The whole wire drawing equipment is welded from steel plate. It has been treated with annealing treatment for the relieving of internal stress. Then, it is processed by a precision boring machine.

Drawing capstan dia. (mm) Drawing times Applicable wire dia. (mm) Dia. of finished product (mm) Max. drawing speed (m/s)
280 17 3.0 0.40-1.20 20
280 19 3.0 0.32-1.20 22
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