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Skip Strander

The skip strander is used for stranding copper aluminum wires and steel wires.

1. Both ends of the stranding bow are connected to the rotary arm. For that reason, the natural formation can be ensured when the bow rotates in a high speed.
2. Due to the redesigned support for the rotor, the skip stranding machine is highly stable under the condition of high-speed rotation.
3. A mechanical tension feedback device is installed to the bobbin loader for maintaining the constant tensile force.
4. The wire stranding machinery is added with a nonmetal wrapping device which has 800 revolutions per minute.
5. 630 Pay off bobbins this skip strander consists of 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 1+6 configuration for different sizes of cable laying-up.
6. The stranding bow is made of carbon fiber composite materials. It rotates speedily and makes little noise.
7. The whole cable machinery applies an enclosed protective cover.
8. The bobbin cradle is equipped with wire-break detection, and with protection stand for supporting.

1. The skip strander works speedily with the stranding bow of high rotation speed.
2. It has a one-piece foundation to ensure the installation concentricity.
3. The protection cover and electric cabinets, all of which are with nice appearance, are made by professional manufacturers.

Sales Performances
This skip stranding equipment has well accepted in numerous countries. Browse the export performance as below:
Russia: 1; Mexico: 1; Algeria: 1; Korea: 1; Peru:1; Slovakia:1; Uruguay:1; Uzbekistan:2; Iran:1; Indonesia:1; Vietnam: 4; Zambia: 1

Bobbin Size (mm) Max. Rotation Speed (rpm) Wire Dia. (mm) Loading Capacity (kg)
6B Solid Conductor Stranded Conductor Steel
630 800 1.5~4.0 1.8~5.0 2.0~6.0 700
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