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JSH Buncher

The buncher is used for taking of shaped wire, or for stranding copper and aluminum compacted conductor.

1. The buncher is highly efficient. Its output is 4 times as much as that of the rigid strander.
2. Its main shaft is naturally, circularly cooled by the oil lubrication, therefore extending the service life of the machine.
3. The wire passing system is of new structure. The wire directly gets to the bow belt from the spindle wheel. Wire passes to the bow through main shaft wire guide directly, which reduces the wire passing angle.
4. This bunch stranding machine is driven by the timing belt, allowing for correct stranding pitch.
5. The transmission stand is unitary, so it is convenient to install and transport. Holes of both bearing ends are one-time processed, ensuring the coaxiality.
6. The bobbin cradle is machined together for high installation precision.
7. Our wire stranding machinery applies the advanced control system. The working process is controlled by the transducer and PLC program. There are indicating lights for the monitoring of each door, internal & external wire break, main shaft oil level, etc.

Bobbin size (mm) Max. rotation speed of buncher bow (rpm) Max. cross section of conductor (mm2)
1600 500 240
2200 450 240

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