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Aluminum Cladding Extrusion Machine

The aluminum cladding extrusion machine is mainly used to extrude the Φ9.5mm or Φ12.0mm aluminum rod into the aluminum tube of below Φ170mm, and then clad the cables. The aluminum tube after processed by a corrugating device serves as the cable protective cover.

1. This aluminum cladding extrusion machine uses the large seamless aluminum tube to clad and extrude the cables. The tube diameter is from Φ60 to Φ160mm.
2. It applies the double-wheel, double-groove structure.
3. The aluminum extrusion machinery adopts the split-type extrusion die, die holder with four symmetrical holes of materials feeding, and dedicated installation tools.
a. The extrusion die holder has four symmetrical holes used for materials feeding. The specially designed holes are beneficial for the uniform molten aluminum flow. Consequently, the optimal cladding effect is ensured.
b. The dedicated installation tools are designed for the split type die which requires high installation precision.
4. This aluminum cladding extruder utilizes the main shaft with water cooling circulating system.

Compared to the traditional aluminum-pressing former, this aluminum cladding extrusion machine is characterized by simpler structure, less investment, higher efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient operation, etc. It is suitable for the enterprise of any scale.

1. The aluminum cladding extrusion equipment uses heating tube rather than heating plate, so that the energy consumption can be lowered. The heating tube seldom has problems when using.
2. Its brushing device is restructured to significantly lower the noise generation.
3. The cable protective sleeve has been lengthened to prevent the entering of aluminum scrap.

Sales Performance
Totally 9 sets of aluminum cladding extrusion equipment were sold out, including one in Taiwan and one in India.

Model Applicable rod dia. Extrusion wheel dia. Al tube O.D. Al tube thickness Corrugating pitch Corrugating depth
LBF420×2 Φ9.5mm 420mm Φ60-Φ170mm 1.5-4.0mm 10-50mm 2-8mm
LBF540×2 Φ12mm 540mm Φ60-Φ180mm 1.5-4.0mm 10-50mm 2-8mm
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