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KRH Interlock Strip Armoring Machine

The interlock strip armoring machine is designed for all kinds of cables and marine pipes. Cables armored by this equipment hold the advantages including high flexibility, stable connection, and good resistance to creep. Those cables can greatly improve the system safety in some particular application environment.

1. Operation of this interlock strip armoring machine is simple, direct, and highly precise. Operating parameters can be set and displayed by a touch screen. The interlock armoring machine is PLC controlled, and an imported differential mechanism is utilized to adjust the speed.
2. The interlock cable armoring machine comes with the main performance index reaching the level of the same products aboard.
3. Specially designed installation puts an end to the problem of strip breakage.

Model Strip Width (mm) Strip Thickness (mm) Cable O.D. (mm) Max. Rotation Speed (rpm)
KRH-30 9.5-12.7 0.5-0.8 30 1200
KRH-50 9.5-12.7 0.5-0.8 50 1000
KRH-100 9.5-19 0.5-0.8 100 800
KRH-130 9.5-25.4 0.5-0.8 130 700

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