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KRB Steel Tape Armoring Machine

1. The steel tape armoring machine comes with the tape pad sizing from Ø500 mm to Ø800 mm.
2. With the front and back supporting, armoring head of cable armoring machinery has the rotation speed of 300 to 450rpm. This equipment can be equipped with the armoring head of different specifications.
3. The armoring head has a mechanical tension feedback system, offering a guarantee for constant tensile force.
4. Our steel tape armoring equipment is extremely safe and beautiful with an enclosed protective cover.

Sales Performance
This steel tape armoring machine has been exported to India, Vietnam,Roman, Thailand,Turkey, Uruguay, and Uzbekistan.

Tape pad dia.(mm) Tape width (mm) Max. rotation speed of armoring head(rpm) Max. outer diameter of applicable cable (mm)
Ø600 15-40 400 60
Ø800 15-60 300 150

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