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Flat Steel Wire Armoring Machine

This flat steel wire armoring machine is mainly ideal for making the submarine pipes in the oil or natural gas area.

The wire armoring equipment is mainly used for armoring subsea pipe with medium-carbon or high-carbon flat steel wire

A separate motor is used to drive the twister spinning as well as the up and down of the whole flat steel wire armoring machine. The wire armoring machinery can realize the unidirectional lay and same point stranding. It is also suitable for the multilayer stranding. A separate motor pre-twisting device is installed to adjust the twisting according to the wire diameter, so as to make the flat steel wire tightly twist with the center tube. The wire coil tension is pneumatically controlled by a butterfly tension cylinder. And the tensile force is adjustable via a proportional valve, based on different requirements.

Additionally, a mechanical tension mechanism prevents the wire loose caused by the equipment stopping. The electronic wire breaking protection and proximity switch inspection method are employed. Electric cabinet of each twister section displays the specific wire breaking location.

1. The flat steel wire armoring machine can strand the cable with the cross section of 90~400mm2.
2. There are bobbins with different sizes including 630mm, 710mm, and 800mm.
3. The traction device is divided into 6 parts, all of which are belt driven for preventing the armoring surface from being scratched. Also, the soft tube deformation can be avoided.

Bobbin Size(mm) Steel Wire Amount Max. Rotation Speed (rpm) Flat Steel Wire Size (mm) Submarine Pipe Size (Inch) Max. Size of Pay-off and Take-up Drum (mm)
Ø630 80+80 15 8*2~15*5 3~16 Ø9500
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