Three-layer Cross-linked Cable Extrusion Line

This three-layer cross-linked cable extrusion line is nitrogen & water cooling cross-linked cable production line. It is suitable for manufacturing 6 KV to 35 KV cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable.

Product Features
Advanced design and diversified production modes guarantee the high quality finished cables.

The extrusion machine requires low investment but offers high efficiency. It is the optimal extruding machinery for high-voltage cable producing.

Update and Improvement
1. The three-layer cross-linked cable extrusion machine can choose mold and die sleeve, so that it can produce cables of different specifications without stopping.
2. Standard or high speed wire can be configured to the extruder for different application requirement.
3. Threes sets of extruding machines apply the sleeve welded copper tube rather than the spinal copper tube for cooling.
4. Cooling system of the extruding equipment uses the ferrule fitting connection. This type of connection is easy and convenient to install.
5. To improve the dielectric strength and quality of the cables, the three-layer cross-linked cable extrusion line uses nitrogen cooling system rather than the water cooling system.

Voltage Grade 6 ~ 35KV
Product Specification Press Copper Core: 25~630mm2
Aluminum core: 35~800mm2
Max. Cable Weight 7.6 kg/m
Maximum Diameter of Cable Ф70 mm
Cable Structure (Thickness) Conductor Screen 0.5 ~ 2mm
Insulation 3.4 ~ 10.5mm
Insulation Shielding 0.5 ~ 2.0mm
Materials Conductor Pressed copper, pressed aluminum wire
Conductor Screen Shielding materials for crosslinking conductor
Insulation Shielding Crosslinked Polyethylene
Maximum Line Velocity 30m/min
Tube Distribution Semi-suspension chain type
Inclination Angle of Cooling Section 1° ~ 2°
Coefficient of Catenary Suspension 200 ~ 150
Length of Cross-linked Section About 40.89m
Length of Pre-cooling Section 12m
Length of Cooling Section 50~65m
Design Pressure 1.6Mpa
Main Parts
Rail Traversing Type Pay Off (Strengthened) 2 sets
Wire Clamping Device 1 set
Horizontal Accumulator 1 set
Upper Caterpillar (Taping type) 1 set
Ф65/20D Extruder 1 set
Ф90/20D Extruder 1 set
Ф150/25D Extruder 1 set
Crosshead and Guide Tube for Extruder 1 set
Upper Obturator 1 set
Cooling Troughs 1 set
Suspension Type Controller 1 set
Lower Obturator 1 set
Lower Caterpillar 1 set
Meter Printer 1 set
Rail Traversing Type Take Up (Strengthened) 2 sets
Nitrogen Supply or Discharging Device 1 set
Oil and Water Cooling Circulation System 1 set
Electrical Control System 1 set
TV Monitoring System 1 set