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SMQ500D Telescopic Crawler Crane

Item Unit Data
Max. Rated Load Weight t 50
Boom Length m 10.8-40
Jib Length m 7.5
Max. Length of Boom+Jib m 40+7.5
Luffing Angle ° -2~78
Working Speed Speed of Steel Rope Up m/min 100
Down m/min 100
Slewing Speed r/min 0~1.8
Travelling Speed Km/h 0~2
Hoisting Multiple t 5(single rope)
Grade Ability % 40
Motor Output Power/Rev. Kw/rpm 153/2200
Total Weight t 62(including counterweight)
Counterweight t 18
Overall Size mm 13850X4760X3108
Unit Pressure of Ground Kg/cm2 0.8

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